Rethymno: A Bike-Friendly Destination in Greece

Rethymno: A Bike-Friendly Destination in Greece

Rethymno, a picturesque town in Crete, has recently been recognized as a bike-friendly destination by NatTour, a non-profit organization in collaboration with the Hellenic Society for Nature Protection. The municipality received a certificate for being among the six cities in Greece that implement good practices in the areas of alternative transportation means, have the necessary infrastructure, and are actively promoting sustainable mobility.

This recognition is the result of the municipality’s years of effort and achievement in promoting cycling as an alternative form of tourism. With more than 15 km of bicycle paths within the city and over 100 km in the broader area, Rethymno is a perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts. The extension of the tourist season and the stimulation of the local economy are some of the benefits that cycling tourism can bring.

In addition to the Bike Friendly Destination Certificate, Rethymno also hosted the final race of the Rethymno Cycling Leagues, attracting more than 90 riders from 30 clubs across Greece. The event took place in the Pefkakia Hill trails and the city sandy beach, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for the participants.

Overall, Rethymno’s recognition as a bike-friendly destination and the success of the cycling race demonstrate the municipality’s commitment to sustainable tourism and its efforts to provide visitors with unique experiences while preserving the natural environment.

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